Road accessibility

Road accessibility was voted first priority by community members in 2004.

Construction of about a 3.5 mile gravel road is top concern for community residents and would facilitate travel through rugged mountainous path to Marceline. Benefits would include:

1) Better and faster access to the nearest health care facility in Camp-Perrin. Currently, a make-shift wooden stretcher is used, requiring 5 or more people to transport the very sick from Lougou to the 11-bed hospital in Camp-Perrin.

2) Strengthening the local economy by improving transportation of goods to markets in Camp-Perrin and surrounding localities.

3) Reducing the cost of bringing in construction materials, supplies and goods to Lougou


How you can help:

  • If you are an engineer, surveyor or have any experience in road construction you can add to existing community skills and resources to help Lougou achieve its first community priority.
  • Cost analysis is also needed from an expert.