Naomie, president of the women’s committee

“There’s a new life in Lougou.   We feel we have worth.  Even though we can’t start working on our community needs now, but we have hope that someday a lot will happen in Lougou.  When I imagine the way we were before, I can say that we already learn a lot.  The implementation of the PRAP in itself (Participatory Rural Appraisal and Planning) is a learning tool.  I don’t know how to read but I participated equally in the PRAP training like the others that know how to read.  Because of the PRAP, those of us who used to feel inferior or superior are no longer feeling that way.  We feel that everybody is equal now”.

Melicile, vice president of the women’s committee

“The PRA is a knowledge that we will never forget.  The community is more unified now.   As a young woman, I have a chance to attend school.  Those my age that are unable to attend always felt that they did not belong to our group.  Since after the PRAP, their attitudes and ours have changed”.

Mme Alcome, member of the community

“The PRAP put us on the map, even though we had to create our own.  The work we did was also very interesting.  Lougou was never part of anything.  We were the forgotten village.  Now people are coming to Lougou.  Some are even asking to buy land thinking one day they may not be able to purchase a parcel of land from Lougou…. I can only laugh when I think about how they use to say Lougou was a place for animal pasture.  God is good”.

Andrène, member of the women’s committee

“I have always had a shy spirit.  Since COFHED came into Lougou, it’s a different world.  Since then, the field directors of Cofhed encouraged us to take charge of our community and to participate and make decisions on our own.  Now, I am no longer shy.  It was always my dream to leave this place and go to Port-au-Prince.   With the partnership and encouragement we received from COFHED to better ourselves, suddenly I have a sense of worth… I will never leave Lougou”.


“We were children without birth certificates but today COFHED brings to the people of Lougou a brand new birth certificate by just taking the time to come here and meet with us.”

A man named Pesil

“Our village Lougou was eliminated in darkness but COFHED’s presence here today is like a shooting star shedding light on the village.”