Located in southern Haiti, the small rural village of Lougou has a growing population of more than 1,500 residents who live in an area of less than 1.2 square miles. Its residents are primarily subsistence farmers that are working really hard to make ends meet.  The community of Lougou faces many of the challenges they have been subjected to for decades, including persistent poverty, lack of access to affordable health care, recurring floods and drought, deforestation and soil degradation, sanitation issues and inadequate nutrition.

Through a systematic approach to grassroots community development, the Lougou villagers have made a little bit of progress toward changing the above statistics. They have identified their priorities and resources, established short and long term goals, and been moving consistently towards those goals and objectives.  However, certain difficulties remain.

For Lougou residents the determinants of a healthy community rest upon the following factors:

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation

Basic health services

Better and safe housing

Access to good education

Adequate food production and a rehabilitated environment

Microcredit schemes to develop small businesses

Road accessibility

Faith and spiritual wellness

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