Our Team

Field Directors

Nicaise and Madeleine are Haitian-Americans, born and raised in Haiti. Nick moved to the United States in 1979 to attend Bethany School of Missions in Bloomington, Minnesota. After graduating, Bethany sent Nick to Puerto Rico to work in the areas of evangelism and Bible teaching. Nick and Madeleine were married in 1987. Later Nick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Metro State University in St. Paul, Minnesota and worked in banking for ten years.

Madeleine graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Minnesota in 1997. Her work experience includes health education, case management, and community outreach.


Field Coordinators

COFHED Haiti staff from right to left:

Franthiel FIFI

Serving and helping the Lougou village manage their microcredit program. Franthiel also helps to manage COFHED Haiti finances.

• Flostie LAFLEUR
Serving as community nurse in the village of Raymond and backing the health maintenance efforts of the Lougou clinic.

Jacqueline (alias Ginette) MÉMÉUS

Serving as executive assistant to Madeleine and Nicaise, community engagement trainer and program and office supervisor.

Marie-Josée Vital LEGOUTE
Serving as community engagement assistant trainer and liaison to sponsored children and their families.

• Ménès MÉMÉUS

Serving as community liaison and helping with management of COFHED Haiti finances.

Serving as facilities and construction and logistics manager


Board of Directors

Dawn Pauls, President

Annie Perdue-Olson, Treasurer

Nancy Avery-McNeil, Secretary

Madeleine Avignon, Field Director

Nicaise Avignon, Field Director

Elizabeth Colwell

Tim McNeil

Ashley Mitchell

Jeff Pauls

Matt Petersen

Gwendolyn Simon

Patricia Skundberg

Saintanne Tipton