Access to Education

In 2004, there were 300 eligible students in Lougou but only 25 percent of them were attending school.  There was not a school in Lougou.  Children, whose families can afford the cost of providing an education, had to walk as far as three hours to and from school.  Now through the planning efforts of community members and through the support of many donors, the community has made great strides in education.

Community Goals for Education

  • To have a community-run school up to 9th grade and eventually 12th grade.
  • To increase economic activities so families are able to pay for tuition for their children.
  • To educate their children so they can be productive citizens for Lougou and Haiti
  • To help over-aged students learn a trade
  • To pursue economic activities to sustain primary, high school, and university students.
  • To help students pursue higher education so they can return to help Lougou and other villages in participatory processes for sustainable development.

Community Accomplishments in Education:

  1. Lougou now has its own school called La Petite Académie de Lougou; it has 200 students from pre-k  to 5th grade.
  2. The beautiful and encouraging observation is that the children are not just surviving in Lougou, they are thriving.  The 3-4 year-olds that started school back in 2006 are now in 5th grade.
  3. There are about 48 Lougou students attending middle and high school elsewhere.
  4. There are about 80 elementary students attending other schools in nearby villages.
  5. Twelve young men and women with higher training have returned to the community and many of them are in leadership positions: 6 teachers, 1 community nurse, 2 masons, 1 electrician, and 2 in home economics.
  6. The community is pushing for higher education with:
  • 2 students (1 woman, 1 man) in agroforestry and animal husbandry
  • Melicile, a woman, is in her 5th year of medical school
  • 2 male students in engineering
  • 1 nursing student (a woman) in her last year of studies
  • 1 male student in masonry
  • 1 male student in 3rd year of accounting,
  • 1 female student in 2nd year of elementary education

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