Other Villages

In the year 2012 COFHED entered into a partnership with the community of Raymond/Nazaire.  After a year of building trust and receiving training with COFHED, the community has really taken off like a rocket. The people of Raymond opened their community school, “Le Jardin des Rossignols”, in December of 2013.  Months after the school opened, they hosted the first medical team (from Woodland Hills Church) in their village. Nine hundred fifty four (954) patients were seen in just 4 days!  COFHED staff as well as medical team personnel were blown away by the way the community organized and ran the team’s visit. Raymond/Nazaire’s latest success story is MACORA (Raymond Community Store). The twin villages have started this social enterprise as an investment toward the education of their youth. The community store is 20 minutes from the village and located in lower Camp-Perrin. All profits made from the store are deposited into an account and will serve as plan B for parents who need a backup with their children’s education.  The people of Raymond are constantly looking at ways to move forward and better their community. They are currently working on a gardening project, another project geared towards funding education. Two tons of beans were distributed in late June of this year. The profit from the harvest will go towards financing education of kids, youth and young adults of the community.

COFHED has also partnered with the community of Marc. Marc with a population of 6,000 is the largest community we have worked with and consists of 13 sub-communities. COFHED staff members have been working with a group of 60 individuals, 3-5 individuals representing each locality. The group of 60 receives training and reports to their specific community and in turn shares the training.  It has been amazing to see these individuals who doubted their voices being heard teach and lead their communities.